Inventory Management

AIM MRO provides customized inventory solutions to eliminate your out of stock risks:

Our Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) team provides full bill of material services in the Aero/Land based turbine industries. AIM MRO keeps track of your inventory requirements daily; constantly adjusting the inventory levels to make sure that you have the products you need; when the repairs are ready to be performed.

Full-time on-site AIM MRO personal to manage your crib, Consignment inventory, and Kanban are just some of the VMI options that we provide.

Consolidated billing, reduced vendor management, thorough quality control before the products arrive on-site, reduced administrative burden and quarterly reporting are benefits of a VMI process.

Let our VMI team, with over 100 years of combined experience, help improve your organizations cash flow and eliminate out-of-stock situations.

Let AIM MRO manage your inventory so that you can manage your business!